My Hario “Pulsar” recipe (Hario Mugen + Hario Switch base + Melodrip)

No-bypass brewing is gaining popularity lately. A lot of no-bypass brewers are being released. Tricolate, LVL-10, Hario Mugen, Orea (with the negotiator), etc.

The latest generation of no-bypass brewers, like the Next Level Pulsar, also combines a variable flow-rate valve into the mix.

Pulsar is impossible to buy around here right now, and I do have some reservations in purchasing one (higher minimum recommended amount of coffee required, proprietary filter size, etc). But I’m still intrigued by the overall idea of combining immersion, no-bypass, and low agitation brew.

I happen to own Hario Switch, Hario Mugen, and also the Melodrip. So I thought, why not leverage what I already have? 🙂

Hario “Pulsar”.

The recipe

Dose: 17g of coffee

Water: 285g.

Brew water temperature: 95º-96ºC; adjust accordingly to roast level. You might want to make it 1-2 degree hotter because of temperature drop of using Melodrip. Off the boil should be fine too IMO. Play around 🙂

Grind: Grind size setting 3 on the Fellow Ode Gen 2.


  • Pre-wet the paper filter with hot water.
  • Close the valve, put coffee in.
  • Pour water ~5x the coffee weight, in this case 85-90g of hot water. Swirl 2-3 times. You can also do Wet-WDT if you want.
  • Bloom for 1 minute.
  • Open the valve.
  • Slowly pour the rest of the brew water (up to 285g total) with the Melodrip. Swirl 2-3 times at the end of the pour.
  • Total brew time should be around 3:30 (including 1 minute bloom)

It should result in a lighter bodied (but not hollow), well-balanced cup of coffee.

Please give it a try and share with me you results, or maybe how you’d do it differently. Cheers!

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