3D printed v60 paper filter folding tool (negotiator) for Hario Mugen

Hario Mugen is a rib-less v60 coffee brewer. It has a relatively smooth wall to minimize water bypass. The idea is to create a one-pour coffee brewer.

I think it works great most of the time. Perfect when you just want to make a simple cup of coffee.

My issue with it is that sometimes placing the paper filter can be a little tricky. If you don’t place it right, the paper filter won’t adhere nicely to the wall.

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Mini review: Brewista Aroma Cup

Brewista Aroma Cup; 300ml version.

I already have several cups and mugs for drinking coffee, but this aroma cup from Brewista is my new personal favorite for drinking coffee at home.

The requirements

I was looking for:

  • A glass cup, because I enjoy seeing the coffee inside. It just looks nicer in my opinion, compared to porcelain or ceramic.
  • A double-walled cup on the “bowl” section, and single-walled on the rim section. Double-wall that goes right to the rim is just too thick for me.
  • Good capacity for my daily brew. This one is 300ml. More on this below.
  • Designed for swirling the coffee. Not a hard requirement, but it’d be really nice to have.
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My Hario “Pulsar” recipe (Hario Mugen + Hario Switch base + Melodrip)

No-bypass brewing is gaining popularity lately. A lot of no-bypass brewers are being released. Tricolate, LVL-10, Hario Mugen, Orea (with the negotiator), etc.

The latest generation of no-bypass brewers, like the Next Level Pulsar, also combines a variable flow-rate valve into the mix.

Pulsar is impossible to buy around here right now, and I do have some reservations in purchasing one (higher minimum recommended amount of coffee required, proprietary filter size, etc). But I’m still intrigued by the overall idea of combining immersion, no-bypass, and low agitation brew.

I happen to own Hario Switch, Hario Mugen, and also the Melodrip. So I thought, why not leverage what I already have? 🙂

Hario “Pulsar”.
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First brew impression – Brewista Next Wave Duo dripper

I really like my Orea v3, but discussions about plastic related health risks kinda flared up again in my social circle. It made me look for non-plastic alternative to the Orea v3, even though I know that the clear version of Orea v3 is supposed to be BPA-free.

One day I found out about the Brewista Next Wave Duo dripper. Long story short, I bought it, it arrived yesterday, and I just had the chance to brew with it this morning.

Brewista Next Wave Duo Double Wall Glass Dripper.
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Jakarta Coffee Week 2023

Semenjak saya mulai hobi bikin kopi di rumah tahun lalu, Jakarta Coffee Week 2023 adalah event kopi paling besar yang pernah saya kunjungi.

Ruang event cukup besar, acaranya diadakan di Indonesia Convention Exhibition, Bumi Serpong Damai, pada tanggal 2-5 November 2023 kemarin. Ada 200+ tenant yang turut serta.

Daftar ratusan tenant yang hadir di Jakarta Coffee Week 2023.

Di hari pertama saya datang ke sana, saya dan teman saya sudah keliling selama 4 jam dan belum sempat mengunjungi semua tenant.

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Brewing with Orea v3 using Aeropress filter

I recently bought a secondhand Orea v3, and I’ve been brewing coffee with it using negotiated v60 filters.

Recently, when I looked at my Aeropress, I got curious about whether I can use Aeropress filter with Orea v3 or not.

Long story short, I tried it, and I quite like the resulting brew. Three caveats though.

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How to negotiate v60 paper filter into Orea v3 using a cheap plastic sauce container

I wasn’t planning to buy the Orea v3. Orea products are pretty hard to come by around here. Even if they’re available, it’s usually with a pretty significant markup. A few days ago, I saw a secondhand Orea v3 for sale. It looked well taken care of by the owner. It wasn’t cheap, but all things considered, also not overly expensive. Fear of missing out struck me and I immediately bought it.

I bought the brewer, but I forgot to buy the wave filter and the negotiator until a couple of days later. So when the brewer arrived, I thought I couldn’t immediately brew coffee with it.

I got impatient and wondered if I can fold a v60 paper filter and fit it in into the Orea v3 by hand without using the 3D printed negotiator tool.

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Peralatan kopi untuk pemula

Semenjak pandemi ini, saya jadi ingin lebih sering membuat kopi di rumah.

Saya sebenarnya bukan orang yang rutin minum kopi, tapi saya suka dengan ritual membuat kopinya.

Jadi saya mulai riset peralatan kopi apa saja yang sekiranya berimbang dari sisi harga, kemudahan penggunaan alatnya, kemudahan membersihkan alatnya, dan tentunya kualitas kopi yang dihasilkan.

Berikut adalah beberapa peralatan kopi yang akhirnya saya beli beserta dengan review singkatnya.

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