Mini review: Brewista Aroma Cup

Brewista Aroma Cup; 300ml version.

I already have several cups and mugs for drinking coffee, but this aroma cup from Brewista is my new personal favorite for drinking coffee at home.

The requirements

I was looking for:

  • A glass cup, because I enjoy seeing the coffee inside. It just looks nicer in my opinion, compared to porcelain or ceramic.
  • A double-walled cup on the “bowl” section, and single-walled on the rim section. Double-wall that goes right to the rim is just too thick for me.
  • Good capacity for my daily brew. This one is 300ml. More on this below.
  • Designed for swirling the coffee. Not a hard requirement, but it’d be really nice to have.
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First brew impression – Brewista Next Wave Duo dripper

I really like my Orea v3, but discussions about plastic related health risks kinda flared up again in my social circle. It made me look for non-plastic alternative to the Orea v3, even though I know that the clear version of Orea v3 is supposed to be BPA-free.

One day I found out about the Brewista Next Wave Duo dripper. Long story short, I bought it, it arrived yesterday, and I just had the chance to brew with it this morning.

Brewista Next Wave Duo Double Wall Glass Dripper.
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