A better way to negotiate a Kalita wave filter into the Orea v3 brewer

TL;DR I only very recently realized that Kalita wave filter is basically just a pre-shaped circular flat filter. You can flatten it first, then use the negotiator to help fold it the same way as the Sibarist Orea filter.

I’ve been experimenting a lot with different filters and the Orea v3. I’ve tried using v60 filters, Kalita wave filters, and even AeroPress filters.

I’m really interested in using negotiated circular flat filter, like the ones that Sibarist, and Orea themselves sell. They’re super expensive here though.

Orea flat filter paper.

The nice thing about using circular flat filters is that the thickness would be uniform on the bottom of the brewer. Unlike folded and negotiated v60 filters where some parts would be thicker because of the folds and ridges.

Negotiated v60 filter. It’s not bad, just not very ideal.

I already have a lot of v60 filters, so I was planning to use those first, but curiosity got the best of me and I bought the wave filters recently.

I’ve been trying to use the wave filters as intended, and I finally understand just how fast the Orea brewer can be. I was able to grind much finer and still get fast brew time.

In the back of my mind, I’m still really curious about negotiating a proper flat filter into Orea v3. I just can’t justify the price.

Suddenly I realized that the Kalita wave filter is just a pre-shaped circular flat filter!

I got so excited and immediately tried it out. Here are some photos:

Kalita wave filter.
Flatten it.
[Optional] Fold it in half.
[Optional] Another half-fold, 90° from the previous fold.
Place the negotiator upside down on a table.
Use the new folds to help center the filter.
Use the new folds to guide folding the sides like this. Do it 4 times on all sides.
From 20 folds, down to only 4 folds.
Nicely negotiated into the brewer.

With this, the Kalita wave filter that I bought suddenly becomes a lot more flexible. You can use it as intended, or negotiate it for low bypass brew.

As a flat filter, they’re cheaper than the official Orea flat filters, and the Sibarist Orea filters.

Brew time using negotiated wave filter is also faster compared to negotiated v60 filter, as expected.

So hopefully this helps other people who want a cheaper, and more readily available flat filters for the Orea v3 brewer.


Update (2023-12-13)

I made this video to demonstrate how to do it faster, without the initial folds.

I used the Brewista Next Wave Duo for the demo, but it works the same way with Orea v3.

YouTube alternative link.

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